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What are pillow beds?

by Hannah Hoobyar

Imagine losing everything you ever had.  All of your clothes, pictures, toys and possessions.  Imagine losing your bed, furniture, even your home.   That’s what kids who are touched by disaster live with every day.   They often end up living in shelters, with friends or family, sleeping on the floor or in their car.…

Why stuffed animals?

by Hannah Hoobyar

People often ask why we created Project Bear Hugs.  Why give families who don’t have food in the cupboards something as trivial as stuffed animals. Children are often the forgotten victims in a disaster.  Families are struggling to get their homes back, to fix their vehicles, to keep their jobs and put food on the…

Lessons Learned in Oklahoma

by Hannah Hoobyar

In May, 2013 an EF5 tornado tore through Moore, OK, killing 24 people and injuring 377 others.  They estimate 1,150 homes were destroyed and damages were estimated at $2 billion.  Among the damaged buildings were 2 schools.  7 students were killed at one of the schools. The EF5 tornado was the last of several to…