What are pillow beds?

by Hannah Hoobyar

Imagine losing everything you ever had.  All of your clothes, pictures, toys and possessions.  Imagine losing your bed, furniture, even your home.  

That’s what kids who are touched by disaster live with every day.  

They often end up living in shelters, with friends or family, sleeping on the floor or in their car.  And this goes on. For a very long time.

These are people just like you and I. Many of them lose everything and are bouncing between houses while they wait for the help they need.

Kids are sleeping on the floor as friends and families take in more than one additional family. Everyone is doing the best they can.

But these kids have no beds of their own.  They don’t have a place to lay their head down every night that they can claim.

Pillow beds provide just that for them.

These beds serve many functions. They are great beds for kids sleeping on the floor, at a shelter or in a car. They can be folded up to make a lounge for them to hang out on and read, color or just listen to music.

Best of all they can be carried from place to place. So regardless of their situation they can have a bed that they can claim as their own.  A place to be comfortable with, that they can snuggle into at the end of a long day.

And, once they begin to replace items they’ve lost, and they have a home and a bed again, they can continue to use these for sleepovers, lounge chairs and something soft to cuddle with at night.  These pillow beds become their very own lounge chairs and body pillows.

It takes 4 pillows and 4 pillowcases to make these beds, and these are something they will keep with them forever.

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