Why stuffed animals?

by Hannah Hoobyar

People often ask why we created Project Bear Hugs.  Why give families who don’t have food in the cupboards something as trivial as stuffed animals.

Children are often the forgotten victims in a disaster.  Families are struggling to get their homes back, to fix their vehicles, to keep their jobs and put food on the table.  It is a very real struggle that families across the country are struggling with every day.

And parents are tired. They are working the equivalent of two jobs..one making money to support their family, then when they get off at the end of a long day they are often working on rebuilding and recovery efforts, either their own or to help their loved ones.  

And the children are lonely. They’re scared. Their parents comfort them, but they just can’t be everywhere all the time.  

These children need something to hold onto. Something to hug as they drift off to sleep or to keep with them as they are returning to daycare while their parents go to work.

And with that Project Bear Hugs was born!

We collect new and gently used stuffed animals to distribute to kids who have been touched by disaster.  We deliver them directly to kids at fun and energetic events, giving them a chance to celebrate life and have fun, without putting extra work on the parents’ shoulders.

We identify the children in need, those who have been overlooked or haven’t been able to get help or have suffered extraordinary loss.  Once the kids in need are identified we collect what is needed and deliver them directly to the kids in need.

A small act like donating a stuffed animal can mean the world to a scared and lonely child.  Donate a stuffed animal to a child in need today.

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